OMG Naga Chilli Sauce


OMG Naga hot sauce – the hottest flavour combination in the Fistful of Spice range. A blend of Naga bhut jolokia ghost peppers, pineapple, and lime juice this is hot, sweet, and sour!

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Our hottest addition to the Fistful of Spice product range. As the name suggests OMG! A true challenge for the tastebuds. Created for those who like it hot. Enjoy mouth watering pineapple followed by some serious heat!

Serving suggestion:

  • Works well as a dipping sauce
  • Challenge your friends to a wing eating competition
  • Spike your spaghetti bolognese
  • Turbo charge your curry

Ingredients: Naga ghost pepper chillies (20%), pineapple, lime juice, cider vinegar, beetroot, turmeric, water, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Scoville rating of chilli: 1,000,000

Fistful of Spice Heat rating: 5/5


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