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A choice selection of four artisan hot sauces hand-picked from our range.

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A choice selection of four artisan hot sauces hand-picked from our range. This selection will include one bottle each of the following sauces:

Pitmaster Bourbon BBQ Sauce

A naga chilli spiked BBQ sauce with a bourbon base and blended with tomatoes, paprika, and molasses for a balance of sweet and heat.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, honey, molasses, bourbon (6%), malt vinegar (from Barley), Lea and Perrins worcester sauce (Fish), smoked paprika, garlic, naga chilli (1%), xanthan gum

Caribbean Mango Chilli Sauce

A flavoursome blend of mangoes and scotch bonnet peppers that brings some tropical fire to your plate!

Ingredients: Fresh chilli – Scotch bonnets (11.5%), garlic, mango, onion, ginger, cider vinegar, honey, water, mustard, turmeric, cumin, coriander, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Habanero with Lime Sauce

A zingy mix of habanero peppers, lime juice, carrots and onion. Hot and sour this is an excellent accompaniment to Mexican food

Ingredients: Dried chilli – Habanero (5%), garlic, carrots, onions, limes, cider vinegar, sea salt

OMG Naga Hot Sauce

The hottest flavour combination in the Fistful of Spice range. A blend of Naga bhut jolokia ghost peppers, pineapple, and lime juice this is hot, sweet, and sour!

Ingredients: Naga ghost pepper chillies (20%), pineapple, lime juice, cider vinegar, beetroot, turmeric, water, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Each bottle contains 140mls, allergens are marked in bold, and are not sold gift boxed.

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